Picnic Ideas to Recreate At Home

With the current situation keeping us at home for the majority of this year, there’s no better time than now to enjoy a little picnic at home. Here are two ideas I created during lockdown that you can easily recreate in your garden.

DIY Pallet Grazing Table

It’s amazing what a little paint job can do. I had a wooden pallet sitting around waiting to get thrown out that was just screaming for a little tlc. Just two coats of Dulux white paint transformed the ready for the bin pallet to a new picnic table.

Camilla Mount picnic ideas

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Teepee Style Setup

I’d been wanting to make a teepee for the longest time and there was no better excuse than now. We had some large branches out in the garden that I used to create the base. You’ll need three sturdy branches (at least 2 metres high), some rope to tie them together and a bedsheet or lightweight throw to drape over the top. Tada, you’ve got yourself a teepee!

I used a picnic rug and several cushions to make it cosier and you can’t have a picnic without a charcuterie board.

This amazing grazing platter was kindly gifted by Fig & Folk.